Our Spin-offs

Number of projects was incubated at TeslaDuo Group but only the following early stage startups have been spun out or about to spin out as a separate early stage venture:

Computer Software Systems

Bayesian probabilistic synthesis for augmented intelligence

BayesLearn Systems provides businesses with a platform for building and deploying data & machine learning models to helps companies solve challenges by finding the best predictive model for their data and offering probabilistic answers to ad hoc queries.

Digital Pharma & Biotech Innovation

AI-powered drug discovery

Pharmadigm Intellingence (coming soon) discovers pharmaceuticals & biopharmaceuticals using AI, saving time and cost when compared to traditional methods. Our AI reveals the patterns hiding in the today’s biomedical data that will lead to tomorrow’s medicines.. 

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Tech Platform For Life Sciences & Healthcare

Helping life sciences & healthcare businesses disrupt through the power of technology

Trade Pharma Network is a tech-based platform and a true revolution in e-commerce lined with a fast-growing network entirely dedicated to the life sciences & healthcare industry.

Vaccines Development & Manufacturing

The nucleic acids revolution

TheraVac Biotech (coming soon) is a new biopharmaceutical company specialized in the fields of DNA & mRNA technologies but also Artificial Intelligence as a new strategy of developing & optimizing biological molecules serving both oncological & vaccination purposes.


Decentralized Digital Identity

Digitalizing & automating your compliance processes

TwinBlock ID (coming soon) is a brand new venture that strives for a secure & fair new digital economy by providing digital identity cloud solutions to the enterprise and by bringing secure identities to machines, algorithms & data, and other non-human entities to secure interaction in the digital economy.

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Crypto-Financial Services

Dedicated to Blockchain & Crypto Assets

Tech Savvy Digital Capital is an investment firm with a focus on crypto assets with the passion is to find, invest in, and support world-changing blockchain technologies to achieve risk adjusted performance for investors.