Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Corporate Philanthropy

Seeking a sustainable world of plenty, we contribute to society through all of our corporate activities. To do this, we take a long-term view in addressing social issues, committing ourselves to our policiesinitiatives, and environment sustainability goals.

We connect and inform sustainability, development, health, technology, and humanitarian professionals through news, business intelligence, career opportunities, and funding so they can do more good for more people, especially needy children.

Three:Four Foundations

We promote CSR activities based on our 4 Core Policies, 4 Core Initiativesand Environmental Sustainability goals.

In collaboration with our stakeholder, as philanthropreneurs, we want to respond to societal problems by investing in non-profits, using their capital, expertise and network assets.

Tesla Duo Group 4 Core Policies

Aligning with non-profit

We strive to better align our strategy with non-profit organizations for stronger impact. Our core policies are...

The Tesla Duo Group 4 Core Initiatives

Impact Investing & Philanthropic Giving

The mission of the MSi is promoting equality in areas such as health, education, scientific research,...

Environmental Sustainability

For A Happy Planet

To protect the global environment that serves as the stage for all human endeavors, we are working to expand...

Message from the CEO

Tesla Duo Group: In the Business of Contributing to Society

Tesla Duo Group Ltd strives towards helping people to free themselves from dissatisfaction, inconvenience, and concern. That is the reason why we think it is necessary to ensure that our users are moving forward so we can evolve & elevate together.

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