TeslaDuo Group’s a company fully dedicated to research & development in Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML), Blockchain, IoT, 3D printing, and Genomic. Its model in which the freedom of research subjects (whether applied or fundamental) and industrial development for application purposes are mixed, is quite unique.

Helping people and organizations build a better world by means of cutting-edge technology, with respect to the environment.
Over the years since 2014 we have refined our research to focus mainly on AI & ML other than state-of-the-art Deep Learning using probabilistic programming systems & Bayesian program synthesis to create probabilistic & generative models automatically, and make simulation-based inference to automate analysis of tabular data and offering probabilistic answers to ad hoc queries.

Number of projects was incubated at TeslaDuo Group but only a few of them have been spun out or about to spin out as a separate early stage startups. Learn about TeslaDuo Group, spin-offs as well as the products & solutions we have developed for the Entreprise and the people who create and use them.

Software Systems
AI Drug Discovery.jpg
AI -Based
Drug Discovery
Vaccines &
Therapeutic Cancer Vacines
Tech Platform For
Life Sciences & Healthcare
Decentralized Digital Identity
To protect the global environment that serves as the stage for all human endeavors, we are working to expand the scope of our environmental efforts through our business activities, and services in order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.
Environmental Sustainability: Ocean & Marine Species Protection are of  particular interest.
The ocean covers more than 70% of the Earth’s surface. However, from climate change to non-sustainable resource extraction, land-based pollution to habitat degradation, there’s no shortage of threats for our team of scientists to cope with. 
8 million tons of plastic
enter the ocean per year 
90% of big fish disappeared since 1950
90% of the world's coral reefs will die by 2050
TeslaDuo Group is a platform to use your voice, make it heard. Let’s speak up, spread the word and alter the course of history.
Team up to challenge and explore new ideas, launch and join projects. Every movement dependents on its diversity. Collaboration is the key.
We are bringing solutions to environmental issues by means of partnerships with leading scientists, think tanks, and NGOs while supporting issue areas identified in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals such as SDG6, SDG9, SDG13, and SDG14.
Rise up and make our planet happy again
For a happy planet, that's 
our slogan 

TeslaDuo Group is proud to be amongst the interest groups of the European Parliament - section II - In-house lobbyist & trade/business/professional associations.

Transparency Register number: 177193136839-59

The main EU initiatives, policies and legislative files followed by our organization:

Infrastructure ; Research & Innovation ; Health, Wellbeing & Consumer Protection:

  • Infrastructure, Research & Innovation ;

  • Health, Wellbeing & Consumer Protection ;

  • Environment, Food & Natural Resources.

Our field of interest:

  • Business and Industry ;

  • Climate Action ;

  • Digital Economy and Society ;

  • Economy, Finance and the Euro ;

  • Environment ;

  • Food Safety ;

  • Fraud Prevention ;

  • Maritime Affairs and Fisheries ;

  • Public Health ;

  • Research and Innovation ;

  • Trade ;

  • Trans-European Networks ;

  • Transport.

Featured news article 
Disruption or the opportunity for companies to reshape their business

Startups are increasingly challenging existing industry kings to innovate & take risks. To cite a great example, Airbnb and the way it has changed the hotel industry. Startups are rapidly driving innovation and are challenging the very business model of well established companies, in many regards.

They are disrupting every industry, from healthcare to construction business, and we can expect to continue to see new players emerge that challenge long-standing marketplaces. Indeed, disruption has and always will be a key factor in business. In fact, that’s what makes it particularly interesting and firmly believe that leaders must keep their purpose as the guiding principle of all that they do. Because disruption must serve customers & society in a meaningful and transformative way, which is in my opinion non-negociable...!

While change is nothing new to the business world, the last few years have given me the opportunity to deeply reflect on the dramatic shifts that are fundamentally transforming how the business world has been operating so far.

At Tesla Duo Group Ltd, the startup I have co-founded 4 years ago in Belgium, we strives towards helping people to free themselves from dissatisfaction, frustration, inconvenience, and concern. That is the reason why we think it is necessary to ensure that our users are moving forward so we can evolve & elevate together. We work very hard towards boosting consumption through cutting-edge technology platforms and we employ big data & data analytics, AI algorithms, Blockchain & Crypto technologies as well as 3D printing to provide support for the business activities of our corporate customers.

Since its founding, the Tesla Duo Group has been providing services to match the needs of companies & customers. We are committed to create new value. The principles behind all our current & upcoming divisions, multiple services and entreprise solutions are the spirit of entrepreneurship and a strong sense of ownership.

The Tesla Duo Group is already providing services all around the world and in an increasingly technology & globalizing society, we will strive harder than ever to address all kinds of ills with our never-changing characteristics and contribute to developing industries and improving the convenience of people with respect for environment & sustainable development. We will work to help our users discover opportunities in a way that goes beyond nationality, gender, industry, or job type with the aim of realizing a brighter, more fulfilling world in which each individual can shine.

Tyler I. Sainkoudje

TeslaDuo Group Ltd - Co-Founder, President & CEO

Place du Champs de Mars, 5

Bastion Tower - Level 20

1050 Brussels, Belgium

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